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29-Jun-2017 17:26

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My son was in school at that time and after one year, he joined PUC. When my husband was there, we used to have sex for almost 5 days in a week. It was rainy season, so I called him to sleep in my room, as there was thunder and lightning outside. In addition, I started sleeping close to him keeping on hand on him etc.

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He started watching my body even when I was looking his face.

He could see his mother's vagina, the place he came into world. I told my son, "I was waiting for it all these days my loving son, I will show you the place which you came out.' I showed him my vagina widening my legs. I told him, "This is the place your dad fucked all these days and produced you, now for next four years this is only for you." He brought his face near my pussy and kissed on my lower lips. ' Then he hugged me, started kissing on my boobs, and chewed it. He began shouting "Aaaaaaa ammaaaaa mom do it mom again aaaaa" I drank all without wasting even a drop. Then I told, "Son now I will stand here, you do the same to me". I kept my hand son ass and pulled deep inside my pussy. He reached orgasm early as his was the first time". His sperms made my pussy hot and it started leaking from my pussy.

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